Saturday, October 20, 2007


continuous improvement, varieties, flexibilities are keys to success

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

forexgen scam? maybe not, but...

I have made a withdrawal request on 3rd of october 2007 for my account with Forexgen.

Forexgen withdrawal policy :

Withdrawal requests are processed during the same business day. Please allow a few hours for the accoutning department to process and clear the payment. Funds may take more time before it arrives to your bank account depending on the bank and location and also the time the wire transfer request is issued.

Forexgen told me to wait till end of the day yet they gave me the same answer everyday.

I would advise everyone not to put any money yet with Forexgen.

Finally I got my money back 9/10/07, but I would not recommend Forexgen yet.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Promotion EA blessX & blessTREND OCT 2007

get sets of EA:

1. BlessX ver03 and
2. BlessTrend ver03

for USD1 egold for account Liteforex registered through this link:

send email to your trade account number, account type and total deposit so reasonable lot size setting will be given for optimum result.

this offer is valid until end of october 2007.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

KF7 entry

combination of kuskus & fisher, thanks to shampd for fisher.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

EA BlessTREND is released

hedging, retracement and trend follower system combined.

Only for members account registered at any of those link listed.

Special promotion: will be given to member of LiteForex.

fee: small fee for consultation.

LiteForex member's link:


broker review

Friday, September 21, 2007

List of FX Brokers

By rank in choice:

1. Pfgfxlite (official web link)
- depo min usd10, smallest lot 0.01 (1p=$0.10), unlimited depo
- platform mt4, tp min 5p
- reasonable moving chart
- egold, wire transfer
- mt4
- mobile mt4

2. Forexgen (?) - testing, request withdrawal 3/10/07, still waiting, still not getting paid 5/10/07.

3. Liteforex (official web link)
- depo usd1 minimum, smallest lot 0.1 (1p=$0.01), minilite unlimited depo
- platform mt4, tp min 10p
- reasonable moving chart
- no swap free account
- egold,wire transfer, LT
- affiliate program
- mobile mt4 for pda
- mobile mt4 for smartphone

4. Fxopen (official web link)
- depo usd1 minimum, smallest lot 0.1 (1p=$0.01), micro, limited to usd199
- platform mt4, tp min 10p
- reasonable moving chart
- swap free account
- egold,wire transfer
- affiliate program

5. Fxopen MLY (official web link)
- depo usd25 minimum, smallest lot 0.1 (1p=$1), no micro/mini
- platform mt4, tp min 10p
- reasonable moving chart
- swap free account
- egold,wire transfer, LT
- affiliate program

6. Fxcast (official web link) NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THE TIME BEING due to suspicious false spikes to hunt stoplosses.
- depo usd1 minimum, smallest lot 0.01 (1p=$0.10), micro unlimited depo
- platform mt4 (fxcast-pro), tp min 10p
- fxcast swing (eu spread 1)
- very fast moving chart
- swap free account available
- egold, ebullion, liberty reserve, edinar accepted
- affiliate program

Thursday, September 13, 2007

EA BLESS X ver04

EA act as your assistant. most effective when market is ranging so set short and long.
change setting to long only if you sense strong uptrend.
change setting to short only if you sense strong downtrend.

3 order max buy and 3 order max sell for version 3 (simple or counter lot)
4 order max buy and 4 order max sell for version 4 (simple or counter lot)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bless EGP is released

after reviews, EA Bless EGP is finally completed.

4 sets of EA for EUR/GBP.

Expert Advisor Bless EGP13

Expert Advisor Bless EGP1130 statement

Expert Advisor Bless EGP11 statement

Expert Advisor Bless EGP1330 statement

Download EA Preview here

Higher return comes with higher risk. These EA has been designed for moderate return. Higher returns require good strategy EA combined with manual and proper control. Leaving a higher return and higher risk EA is not recommended.

Higher risk EA with higher return is available for experience trader.

Monday, September 3, 2007

BlessPlus SS

Promotion EA BlessPlus

EA BlessPlus is designed with systematic hedging of same pair to reduce risk and maximize profit.

2 main type:

1. BlessPlus EU
2. BlessPlus EG

potential return of 20-60% per month depending on market activity.

at this moment, these EA's are only available for member's with acc registered through these links for a small fee:

1. or


setting will be given based on capital.

for consultation, reasonable fee will be charged.

email to for your EA stating account type and capital for proper setting.

Turtle Rock revised

to increase performance, Turtle Rock EA will be revised. New version will be released after live test is completed.