Sunday, October 7, 2007

forexgen scam? maybe not, but...

I have made a withdrawal request on 3rd of october 2007 for my account with Forexgen.

Forexgen withdrawal policy :

Withdrawal requests are processed during the same business day. Please allow a few hours for the accoutning department to process and clear the payment. Funds may take more time before it arrives to your bank account depending on the bank and location and also the time the wire transfer request is issued.

Forexgen told me to wait till end of the day yet they gave me the same answer everyday.

I would advise everyone not to put any money yet with Forexgen.

Finally I got my money back 9/10/07, but I would not recommend Forexgen yet.


Alessandro said...

Look & Judge & say who is the scam:
That's The Story:
- I'm Introducing broker for forexgen from age ago
- While one of my clients was searching for signals he found the following website www . kingofforexsignal .com then he signed up in this website & begin to receive signals but unfortunately he lost his account & liquidated
I don't believe it at first but when I get this complain from more than one client I began to search & analyze this issue
- I signed up with those bastards & I found the following:
Wrong Signals
Opposite Signals if you compared it with right one

non-profitable signals
- I searched who is the owner of this website & I found that this website owned by Felix ((((((((((((((((((((yes Felix))))))))))))))))))))))
I searched for all his activities & the result was:
He owns the following:
www. forexpeacearmy .com : This website post scams for brokers that don't pay for Felix yes they are gangs

www. kingofforexsignal .com : This website send wrong signals for clients to make them lose & complain the brokers to Felix for posting scams against them

Felix has his own brokerage companies but under another names & companies
So he is attracting the clients by a dirty way (yes he is a dirty man)

I looked for forexgen in forexpeacearmy & I found many & many scams but I didn't hear any complaint from my clients, so how come?
I asked them for the reason of that & they sent me an email saying that they refused to pay him a cent
I understand then what he is doing in his websites

I tried to reply for any scam for forexgen but this pig erasing any thing good for them
I found someone called Alan alansmoneyblog . com saying bad mouth about forexgen & the same as forexpeacearmy (Because They are related to each others) I gave him comments in this blog & at last he asked me for a discussion in his forums
The first thing I did there that I built rules for the forum discussion

As an evidence I submitted here a photo as a snap shot from the rules posted

The rules was:
1) No For Escape
2) Escape means loss
3) No Spamming
4) No For Lies
5) Don't block any participation from other members
6) Let's do it with honer
7) Don't ban me or any member else
Cool Don't change the way & direction of the conversation
9) That's what I want to say

At the last they was not able to give me a logic respond for there attack on forexgen & more than that ForexGen send me an email saying that there someone called Alan entered the website & chatted with ForexGen's representative complaining about me saying: ''tell him (alessandro0003msc) to stop posting in my forums'' lol he is not able to give me a respond

That is the chat between Alan & ForexGen as they sent me:
[17:44:25] info: You are now chatting with 'Rooney'
[17:44:25] info: Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK7504364874X
[17:44:30] Rooney: Welcome to our live chat service.
[17:44:32] alan: hi Rooney
[17:44:34] Rooney: Allow me to introduce myself as your chat representative...
[17:44:34] Rooney: Hello. How may I assist you?
[17:44:38] alan: I got a issue for you
[17:44:46] alan: with an IB of yours
[17:45:35] alan: alessandro0003m is his handle
[17:45:43] alan: he goes around spamming forums about ForexGen
[17:45:48] alan: I don't think you'd want him to do this
[17:46:04] alan: he's only going to build up a bad repuation for ForexGen
[17:46:50] Rooney: Please hold on one moment Sir.
[17:47:04] alan: k
[17:48:13] info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Mac'.
[17:48:19] info: You are now chatting with 'Mac'
[17:48:19] info: Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK7504364874X
[17:48:42] Mac: hello sir
[17:48:45] alan: he Mac
[17:48:54] alan: have a slight complaint to make about one of your IBs
[17:49:08] Mac: sure sir what is that
[17:49:14] alan: I think this fellow is doing more harm to your reputation than good by spamming forums
[17:49:31] alan: using fake handles to initiate false conversations to lure people into signing up with your company
[17:49:41] alan: harassing anyone who posts negative comments about forexgen
[17:51:33] Mac: ohh sir thanks for your opinion i will inform the administration about this issue thank much
[17:51:52] alan: np, he even got on my forum and now he won't stop
[17:52:08] alan: I hope you guys tell him to please stop doing this
[17:53:03] Mac: ok sir , i don't know what exactly they will tell him
[17:53:20] Mac: because i dont have a list for all our IB's
[17:53:34] Mac: so i will inform the administration
[17:53:38] alan: ok
[17:53:44] alan: wish I could give you his name
[17:53:47] alan: but i don't know it
[17:53:50] alan: just his handle on forums
[17:54:13] alan: thanks for your help though
[17:54:19] Mac: thanks so much for your care about our company
[17:54:26] alan: np
[17:54:33] Mac: are you interested in forex
[17:54:44] alan: not really
[17:54:57] alan: but thanks for the offer
[17:55:06] alan: have a great day
[17:55:24] Mac: you too sir

So what will you say if you knew that Alan baned me from his forum after chatting with forexgen

& I want to enter & give him reply but he banned me & my IP & everything related to me
So who he is winner ?
I don't want to know the winner but I want to tell all of you that he is loser & I will sign up there from different IP from different place with different username I will try to pick username like this one here.

That's all what happened between me & those bastards
Something else I'm doing some promotions for me as a broker for forexgen not promotions for forexgen & that is a normal for any IB as you know

So Try to be far of Felix & his activities
Alan & his forums
Pharaoh & his replies

Judge with Fair
Judge after searching about felix & his activities
Judge about forexgen after trying to speak with one of it's clients

ForexBastards Scam | Forex Scam | (Review that)

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